What’s happening in Tarsus?


In my article today, the mentality that thinks Idris Naim Şahin as a candidate in Ordu in the local elections is preparing to nominate a schizophrenic candidate in Tarsus.

One’s connection with the fetus and the other’s organic bond with the dividers is of no importance.
I wrote a letter to the mindset waiting for the imposed candidates to vote, I opened the phone heyhatttt, no returning speakers heard. Such great people that they work so hard that they do not have time to listen, hear or take seriously!
They are so high that they are unaware that they are the seat owner / occupant in Mustafa Kemal’s party.
They have forgotten that at any stage of his life, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk did not live in isolation from his people, that he was in the people, that he gave voice to every voice, that he passed away from this world without compromising his principled stance. That is why I was not a candidate, that is why I did not become a man of the era when ass lickingers were propellers …
Do not forget that it is not the rate of votes that will determine the future of this country. The people who are worthy of ruling this country will determine the fate of this country. Or those who are imposed on you and imposed on us, knowingly or unknowingly.
Stop playing the three monkeys and putting us in place. However, different things also happen from time to time.


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