Tonight I cried to our funeral!


I will read a poem I prepared for you.

My chest came out from a very loud downpour
Disaster struck my fertile fields
Zemheri set up a tent for my heart
Love was not ignited
It was the hours when the sky made the birds dance
My swallow, with a broken wing, could not join
Whatever place you hold your love
His hurt would sink to his lungs
The sadness of the wives
He slowly seeps into his holes
Living is a sizzle
Shh, snap!
Look I’m alive.
The wild hands cannot help without bleeding,
Poems, songs, not necessarily …
I forgot which fell,
Someone made me believe in hope.
Like the birds that migrated, timeless!
I cut too
I cut off my hope in the amputee.
One click moves on my wrist
Moving my dear to my nail tips.
My eyes lost their ability to see the light,
Live mare running into darkness
I can’t stop!
Like clouds covering the sun
My eyelids close my eyes.
Everything is heavy
Everything is as it should be.
Tonight I sat down and cried to my own funeral
Everyone was there, I was not there!

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