They attended the meeting with an orange mask


Aside from the virus, the Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Meeting on Combating Violence Against Women, Kütahya Mayor Prof. Dr. It was made with the participation of Alim Işık. The meeting was attended by wearing an orange mask, which represents a brighter future without violence against women.

The Combating Violence Against Women, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Meeting, organized for the purpose of increasing social awareness, strengthening coordination and cooperation and highlighting the activities carried out on the International Day of Combating Violence Against Women on November 25, was held by Kütahya Mayor Prof. Dr. It was made with the participation of Alim Işık.


Besides Governor Ali Çelik, Mayor of Kütahya Prof. Dr. Alim Işık, DPÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Kazım Uysal, KSBÜ Acting Rector Prof. Dr. Duygu Perçin Renders, Bar Association President Ahmet Atam, Deputy Governor Mustafa Güney, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Senior Colonel Murat Kırbaç, Provincial Police Chief Necmettin Koç, Public Prosecutor Mehmet Engin Korkmaz, Deputy Provincial Director of Family, Labor and Social Services Fatma Uz, with some department managers NGO Representatives attended. Participants wore an orange mask, representing a brighter future without violence against women.


Stating that domestic violence, violence against women and femicide are being worked on with a high level of sensitivity, Governor Çelik said, “The Center for Prevention of Violence (ŞÖNİM) has provided 1,385 people, including 1,257 women, 75 men and 53 children, with psychosocial, medical, legal, financial support, guidance for housing, counseling and guidance services were provided. 451 citizens, including 302 women and 149 children, were served in our women’s guesthouse ”.


Stating that the use of the Women’s Emergency Support Notification System (KADES), which was prepared by the General Directorate of Security and put into practice by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in order to prevent violence against women and to help women, Governor Çelik said, “We should expand the use of the KADES application. It is extremely important that our personnel in our public institutions download the application that can only be used by women, and inform their spouse and friends about the application ”.

We are always faced with a new development in the country.


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