It is a very complicated article for you!


    Dear friends, Isn’t our life complicated ..?

    A mixed pan in the middle A mixed grill in the middle …

    We are used to such confusion in such confusion that we want everything mixed up.

    Confusion of the country, confusion on the political agenda You have a look at the Prime Minister has changed .. You see a tape exploded, a president has gone, a new president has arrived..The dollar has flown, Gold has skyrocketed.

    I guess we got used to mixing with reality and joking like a mixer.

    I wonder if we are confused as a society … Why are you ..

    Syrian Garbage Collectors

    I absolutely do not discriminate, they are nice, we are hospitable people ..

    But I got reactions from so many tradesmen that I have to move here.

    X Tradesman goes to the service with a motor, he has a helmet on his head, but he does not have an A2 license, he is punished. Recently, a tradesman friend said, “brother, the fines he paid were 5000 TL. What can I do? We cannot find an A2 qualified employee. We send a package of 10 TL. .

    But now, Syrian motorized garbage collectors are all over Tarsus, the front engine is playing, the music plays, the rear is full of garbage. They are buzzing in the middle of the bazaar, no one asking for a helmet or a driver’s license .. I hope the authorities will evaluate this issue ..

    They’re really driving the country towards the garbage spiral.


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